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@TouchOfRoseProject contributes graphics to #FreeCharlieThrash

We just love these graphics that Touch of Rose Project on
Instagram & Twitter contributed to #FreeCharlieThrash.
Please sign petition so Charlie can see Laura again
& circulate on social media so friends & family to sign, too!
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Charlie Thrash was livin’ the good life. Until he & all his assets were seized in guardianship. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & Twitter.What was taken from Charlie Thrash in guardianship by Bexar County Probate Court. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & Twitter.Unmarried, high-school educated Charlie Thrash defies Shavano Park’s marriage code, pays cash for home by-passing Frost Bank’s gate-keeping, and lives with Laura Martinez. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & TwitterSept 8, 2018: Mayor Werner & his wife professional guardian Mary Werner throw party for Oscar Kazen’s candidacy for Probate Judge; Jan 29, 2019: Judge Oscar Kazen returns favor & awards Mary Werner Charlie Thrash in guardianship. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & Twitter.Judge Oscar Kazen denies Ward Charlie Thrash’s right to legal counsel In first hearing on Jan 29, 2019. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram and Twitter.@TouchOfRoseProject: In Jan 29, 2019 non-evidentiary hearing, Judge Oscar Kazen shows clear judicial bias as he returns again and again to allegations brought by Frost Bank against Laura Martinez that were never proven, never admitted into court, and ultimately disregarded as false.In February 2019, after removing Charlie’s common-law wife Laura as his guardian, Judge Kazen repeatedly refused to consider his ward, Charlie Thrash’s properly-written legal wishes. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & Twitter.Charlie Thrash has been warehoused in an unknown location since March 6, 2019 & hasn’t been seen since. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & Twitter.Where is Charlie Thrash? He hasn’t been seen since March 6, 2019. Graphics courtesy of @TouchOfRoseProject on Instagram & Twitter.

This is a clip from Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney’s series, Dirty Money, produced for Netflix. In the episode Guardianship, Inc., the cases of Charlie Thrash, of San Antonio, Texas, and John Savanovich, of Needham, Massachusetts are detailed. 

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