The Judge said WHAT?!

The two judges in Charlie Thrash’s guardianship case – first, Tom Rickhoff, and currently, Oscar Kazen – have said some outrageous, inflammatory and downright prejudicial comments from the bench during the course of 11 months of hearings that took place from May 22, 2018 to April 9, 2019.

These are a few of the many comments that point to a stunning lack of judicial impartiality in Charlie Thrash’s guardianship trial. Because make no mistake about it – there’s never a jury – but you are ON TRIAL – for literally your life – when you are hauled into a probate court by anyone – anyone at all – who chooses to file an application to put you under guardianship.

Don’t think it can happen to you?  Neither did any of these people. (3 separate links, thousands of stories from all 50 states.)

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