Texas Estates Code

Texas Estates Code Section 1104.102 Appointment preferences

Under Section 1104.102 Charlie Thrash’s common-law wife, Laura Martinez, had a greater standing than Charlie’s estranged & distant Grand-niece, Tonya Barina — IF Tonya Barina’s lawyers and Judge Oscar Kazen hadn’t disregarded the six (6) years Charlie and Laura had spent living together, as husband and wife, and decided in a non-evidentiary hearing to summarily, and without evidence, take away Laura Martinez’ right and priority in guardianship due to Texas Estates Code 1055.003(d) and 1051.104(a)(5), and in a gross miscarriage of justice, give it to Mary Werner, the wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park, the teeny community of less than 4,000 souls where everybody in this court case lives within 3 blocks of each other.

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