Who, What, and Where is Shavano Park, Texas?

How connected is Judge Oscar Kazen? Plenty

It’s hard to overstate just how important the Kazen family is to the Law, as well as the Judiciary, especially along the Texas Rio Grande international border, and that’s because the Kazens rule South Texas, and they have for generations. When we say the Kazens ‘rule’ South Texas, we mean like absolute monarchs. Oscar, as […]

Court action Video

Christmas 2020: more court-ordered isolation for Charlie Thrash, separated from his common-law wife for 2nd Christmas

December 27, 2020:  We have No Good News to report this Christmas, because Judge Oscar Kazen and his appointed guardian of Charlie Thrash, Mary Werner, who is: Judge Kazen’s neighbor who lives 2 blocks away, Political campaigner & fundraiser for Judge Kazen in his 2018 election, Wife of the Mayor of the teeny community, Shavano […]