Court action

Halloween True-Fright Edition: May 23, 2019 Costs & Attorneys’ Fees Incurred by Guardians, approved by Judge Oscar Kazen

April 9, 2019: Judge Oscar Kazen accepted misstatements and incomplete recitations of Texas Estates Code, omitting Sec 1055.003(d) and Sec 1051.104(a)(5), to rule against Laura Martinez-Thrash, Brittany Martinez-Thrash and Phil Ross. But Judge Oscar Kazen went much further to show his complete contempt for the laws he is charged with upholding, and Judge Kazen […]

The Judge said WHAT?!

April 9, 2019: Judge Oscar Kazen demands to know the relationship between…

April 9, 2019: Attorney Phil Ross explains to Judge Oscar Kazen that he, Phil, is not married to Charlie Thrash. However, whether or not Oscar Kazen accepts the fact of the common-law marriage between Charlie & Laura, Laura’s right to be included in all of Charlie’s guardianship proceedings, as well as Laura’s right to priority […]

Texas Estates Code

Section 1051.104 Notice by Applicant for Guardianship

It is clear that Laura Martinez-Thrash, who held a Power of Attorney dated June 24, 2016 and signed by the proposed ward, Charlie Thrash, has always been eligible to 1) have priority over an estranged family member (Tonya Barina), chosen by the court and against the wishes of both the proposed Ward and his spouse, […]

Charlie Thrash's legal wishes

Charlie Thrash’s Durable Power of Attorney that was ignored by Bexar County Probate Court No 1

Charlie Thrash signed this Durable Power of Attorney on June 24, 2016, a full 14 months before being declared 100% incapacitated in a misdiagnosis by the court-appointed doctor, contradicting Charlie’s own medical physician who declared Charlie to be capable of living on his own, and making his own decisions. This Durable Power of Attorney was […]