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July 19, 2018: A letter to then-Judge Rickhoff, explaining Tonya Barina’s motives in putting her wealthy grand-uncle Charlie, whom she’d never met, under guardianship

July 19, 2018: Letter from Attorney Ad-Litem Ben Wallis III to Court, Re: Payment of CKL Note that the entire reason guardianship proceedings were started against Charlie Thrash, from his ‘collateral’ family members lead by Tonya Barina, is so they could demand 50% of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 “to which they were never entitled.” This […]

Court action

May 27, 2019: Court-ordered sale of Charlie Thrash’s primary and secondary residences

May 27, 2019: While you wouldn’t know it by only looking at the Order on Amended Application for Sale of Real Property, Shavano Park resident, Probate Judge Oscar Kazen, signed this Order, mandating the sale of Charlie Thrash’s two paid-for residences. The sale of Charlie’s two residences did nothing to help Charlie’s finances, nor did […]