Lawyers lie, media repeats

April 12, 2019: San Antonio Express-News publishes false information about Charlie Thrash’s guardianship case

On April 12, 2019, the San Antonio Express-News published false and inaccurate information about Charlie Thrash’s case, that deeply prejudiced their readers against Charlie’s freedom and Charlie’s civil, constitutional, and human rights- all of which have been violated during his guardianship trial, first in Judge Tom Rickhoff’s court, and now in Judge Oscar Kazen’s court. […]

Laura's exoneration

July 12, 2018: July 12, 2018: Charlie Thrash’s Attorney Ad Litem states there was ZERO evidence to support allegations against Laura Martinez-Thrash

July 12, 2018: The court-appointed Attorney Ad  Litem for Charlie Thrash’s guardianship, Ben Wallis III, stated unequivocally: “… I would like to point out to the Court that the allegations brough by Frost or the report made by Frost to APS, APS made no findings against Ms. Martinez. The temporary guardian I think went back […]