Court action

July 8, 2021: Charlie Thrash’s appeal to Texas Supreme Court on over $300K sanctions, paid from his estate by attorneys for guardians

July 8, 2021: To understand the full denial of Due Process, much less following the law with which Shavano Park resident Judge Oscar Kazen has abused former fellow-resident of Shavano Park Charlie Thrash, read attorney Phil Ross’ appeal of over $300,000 of legal sanctions against himself and clients Laura Martinez-Thrash (Charlie’s common-law wife), Brittney Martinez-Thrash […]

Charlie Thrash's legal wishes

600 Day Challenge to Guardian Mary Werner, Judge Oscar Kazen & Mayor of Shavano Park Bob Werner

Guardian Mary Werner, Judge Oscar Kazen & Mayor Bob Werner – Charlie Thrash’s family & friends challenge you: Do not set a 600 day record of keeping Charlie & Laura apart! Force us to remove this counter by allowing Charlie visitors 1. Allow Charlie to visit with his common-law wife, Laura; Martinez-Thrash 2. Allow Charlie […]