Who, What, and Where is Shavano Park, Texas?

Shavano Park Mayor Bob Werner, “Going Green in Shavano Park” taxpayer entity and the removal of Charlie Thrash

Connecting the dots &
following the money

When we recently read of Mayor Bob Werner leading the City of Shavano Park towards recognition by the National Wildlife Federation as a “Community Wildlife Habitat, we didn’t initially think much of it.

In researching why Shavano Park resident & neighbor of Charlie’s, Oscar Kazen, acting as probate judge, allowed Shavano Park resident & neighbor Mary Werner, wife of Mayor Bob Werner, to remove Charlie Thrash from his home on March 6, 2019, and isolate Charlie from his chosen family & friends for the past 580+ days, Laura Martinez-Thrash discovered that on March 3, 2019 Mayor Bob Werner’s private non-profit corporation, Going Green in Shavano Park, registered at 310 Fawn Drive – the Werner’s home address – was instrumental in the City of Shavano Park receiving a Community Wildlife Habitat designation from the National Wildlife Federation.

Is it possible that Mayor Werner chose to join the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayor’s Monarch program, which allows the Mayors of cities the opportunity to dedicate their entire municipal district to this environmentally-friendly course, all without voter approval or residents’ consensus?

A Community Wildlife Habitat designation means the community – as a whole – has promised to forego the use of pesticides, promotes native vegetation and wildlife, and foster a healthy, chemical-free environment for pollinators.

None of this sounds like a community that is going to welcome an older white man who’s living with his 30 year-younger Hispanic common-law wife and her adult children, while driving at least 10 different collectible automobiles and hot-rods, many of which were on display in his driveway, including his rare & valuable Shelby Mustang.

If Shavano Park neighbors Oscar Kazen and Mary Werner, perhaps with Mayor Werner’s prodding, can remove Charlie and his chosen family from Shavano Park, stripping Charlie of Million$ of his assets, while holding Charlie incommunicado for over 580 days and counting, what’s to say Oscar, Mary & Bob won’t do the same to any other Shavano Park family or one of Bexar County’s 2,000,000 other residents next?

Oscar Kazen legally holds the authority as a probate judge to rule any way he likes on any guardianship case that comes before him – through-out all Bexar County, not just teeny Shavano Park.

The only way the citizens have to hold Oscar Kazen accountable is to vote him out of office1, but they can’t vote out Charlie’s court appointed guardian Mary Werner, who lives around the corner from from Kazen, out of office or hold Mary Werner accountable for her actions. It should raise red flags that the Mayor and Mary Werner hosted a political fundraiser for Oscar Kazen’s election to Bexar County Probate Judge in 2018, the position of power from which Oscar has taken Charlie from his home, seized Million$ of Charlie’s money, and awarded Charlie as a ward to Mary Werner, for her financial enrichment and career advancement.

We ask you: Is it not Public Corruption when a politician’s elected office is financed and his election ensured, by the very same people who then financially benefit from the rulings and orders the judge issues from his bench?

The only way we believe to bring this travesty of justice to light, is to make sure Oscar & The Mayor & Mary’s neighbors are aware of how they choose to use their professions to separate a common-law husband and wife, break apart a happy family, and take Millions of dollars away from their neighborsall based on false evidence, while the truth has been stricken from the record – by decree of Oscar Kazen, supported by another Shavano Park resident, Judge Sidney Harle.


1 One person who is forbidden by court order to vote, is Charlie Thrash, because once under guardianship, of the many legal rights a person loses, one of them is the right to vote. No Ward has any right to vote, ever again, once put under guardianship. So Charlie cannot act in his own best interests to defend himself from Oscar Kazen because Oscar has removed Charlie’s right to vote by maintaining the guardianship over Charlie. Talk about a Catch-22!

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