Texas Estates Code

Section 1051.104 Notice by Applicant for Guardianship

It is clear that Laura Martinez-Thrash, who held a Power of Attorney dated June 24, 2016 and signed by the proposed ward, Charlie Thrash, has always been eligible to 1) have priority over an estranged family member (Tonya Barina), chosen by the court and against the wishes of both the proposed Ward and his spouse, and 2) have the right to be present in all guardianship hearings concerning Charlie Thrash, and was never required to file any motion to intervene, as the lawyers at have repeatedly and incorrectly insisted, to the great harm of both Charlie Thrash, Charlie’s estate, and Charlie’s chosen family & friends. 

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[…] a legal role in the case, to which Laura was entitled, due to Texas Estates Code 1055.003(d) and 1054.104(a)(5) – both of which Karen Andersen’s co-counsels, Laura Cavaretta and Bill Leighner, […]

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