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October 2, 2020: Texas Supreme Court denies appeal of the court’s dissolution of Charlie Thrash’s marriage to Laura Martinez

October 2, 2020: The Texas Supreme Court denied the appeal of Charlie Thrash’s marriage to Laura Martinez.

This was the sum total of their reasoning:

Attorney Philip M Ross, on behalf of Plaintiffs Charles Innes Thrash, Brittany Martinez-Thrash, Laura Martinez-Thrash, and himself, had written in his appeal to the Texas Supreme Court:

“Appellants respectfully submit that this Court’s resolution of this appeal will determine whether senior Texans subjected to guardianship proceedings like Charlie Thrash can realistically expect to be treated with dignity and respect by Texas courts or whether their fundamental human rights and/or constitutional and/or statutory and/or common law rights, privileges and immunity may be summarily denied, while their property is used to pay their guardian’s attorneys to thwart anyone, who gets in their way.”

We take it, that’s a resounding, “NO!” to Texans subjected to guardianship proceedings, from their Supreme Justices.

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