Court action

October 13, 2020: Guardian & Mayor’s wife Mary Werner files a Notification of Condition of Ward

October 14, 2020:  It took Mary Werner and her husband – who is apparently the newest attorney in the stable being paid from what’s left of Charlie Thrash’s estimated $3,000,000 —  Robert “Bob” Werner, a whole 27 days to file this two (2) sentence report on her court administratively-mandated visit with Charlie Thrash.  Such alacrity and detailed reporting – all from the Werner household!

Once again, Congratulations Mayor Bob Werner in adding another title to his person: First, Bob Werner was (merely) a licensed attorney, then he became Mayor of Shavano Park, a community of less than 3,000 adults.

Then, in Sept 2018, Bob Werner chose his 2-block away neighbor, Oscar Kazen, to support in an election campaign for Probate Judge for all of Bexar County (close to 1,500,000 adults), hosting a party and contributing $100 to his campaign. Bob and his wife, Mary Werner, a professional guardian of adult human beings who receives 100% of her self-employed pay-check by being awarded her Wards by probate court judges just exactly like their around-the-corner neighbor, Oscar Kazen.

Then on Jan 29, 2019, just 29 days after becoming probate judge, Oscar Kazen, without a hearing and with no evidence presented, took away Charlie Thrash’s guardianship from Charlie’s common-law wife, and gave it to the Mayor of Shavano Park’s wife, where everybody – Mary (guardian & Mayor’s wife), Oscar (judge & Mary’s employer), and Bob (Mayor, atty for his wife in Oscar’s guardianship case, Oscar’s political fundraiser & political backer, AND husband & father) all live, within blocks of each other!

It takes amazing community spirit such as that exhibited by the Mayor of Shavano Park and his wife-a guardian, and their neighbor-the judge

  1. To remove Charlie Thrash from Charlie’s own home;
  2. Evict Charlie’s common-law wife and two adult children, making them homeless;
  3. Sell Charlie’s
    1. house in Shavano Park;
    2. Airplanes;
    3. Airplane hangar at Boerne airport;
    4. Commercial real estate;
    5. Condominium;
    6. At least 10 collectible antique cars and hot rods;
    7. Several rare motorcycles;
    8. Along with any other of Charlie’s possessions that they wanted to sell;
  4. AND forbid Charlie from seeing his common-law wife, Laura Martinez-Thrash, and Charlie’s adopted adult children for nearly 600 days, and counting, as of this writing on Oct 15, 2020.

There’s  some real community spirit going on in Shavano Park – and it’s all being lead by the Mayor, Bob Werner, acting in multiple roles simultaneously as

  1. Attorney in private practice, including probate matters, representing his wife, Mary Werner, in her guardianship case in front of their neighbor & political candidate, Oscar Kazen;
  2. Mayor of Shavano Park, a community of less than 3,000 adults, minus four, since the Mayor and his wife were successful in ousting Charlie and his family from their own home that Charlie paid cash for in Shavano Park;
  3. Campaign donor and political fundraiser for his neighbor and his wife’s effective ’employer’, Judge Oscar Kazen;
  4. Husband of Mary Werner, professional guardian of adult human beings who is given 100% of her employment opportunities by probate judges just like her around-the-corner neighbor, Oscar Kazen.

That is truly living up to Shavano Park’s slogan: City Living with Country Charm!

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