Charlie Thrash's family hasn't seen him
since March 6, 2019.

That's when Judge Oscar Kazen ordered Charlie isolated.

Charlie Thrash hasn't been seen in 880 days.

On Feb 1, 2021, Netflix caved to Massachusetts attorney Nick Louisa, and removed the entire 55 minute Dirty Money episode, Guardianship Inc, from the Season Two on-air line-up, including the Texas footage from Charlie Thrash's case.


Here’s Netflix/Dirty Money Introduction to Charlie Thrash’s guardianship case:


Here’s Netflix/Dirty Money introduction to Charlie’s “New Boss” – the wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park, Texas, Mary Werner. Mary was awarded Charlie in guardianship on Jan 29, 2019, by her neighbor, Judge Oscar Kazen, who lives at 106 Fawn Drive, Shavano Park. Mary and her husband Bob Werner, Mayor of this exclusive, wealthy enclave surrounded by darker, poorer San Antonio, live at 310 Fawn Drive. By giving Mary guardianship over Charlie, it seems as if Oscar Kazen allowed Bob Werner, the Mayor of the town, to dictate and control who would live in the community. Bob Werner, a practicing probate attorney himself, as well as ardent naturalist and environmentalist obviously knew the legal ramifications that Charlie would be removed from his home, once his wife, Mary, gained legal custody of Charlie. Most likely Bob Werner is not a hot-rod enthusiast like Charlie Thrash, and he and his wife Mary most likely failed to appreciate the beauty of Charlie’s collection of vintage automobiles, hot rods & motorcycles.

April 8, 2021 UPDATE:  Mary’s husband, Mayor Bob Werner, practicing probate attorney, has been sued for $15 Million damages by the Conservator of the heir to Hancock Fabrics family fortune, for allegedly defrauding a mentally-incompetent, wealthy elder out of his money in a poorly-advised real estate deal that involved self-dealing. Gee, where have we heard a similar story like that, possibly involving another member of the Werner household….?  Read the newspaper account here; read the Original Petition here.

Here’s the Netflix/Dirty Money clip with attorney Phil Ross, his investigator Jo Ann Rivera, and Charlie’s common-law wife, Laura Martinez-Thrash, discussing Charlie’s guardianship, and how it isn’t conforming to normal, lawful guardianship arrangements, and has left Charlie without legal counsel, isolated from Charlie’s chosen family:

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