Court action

March 4, 2021: Original Petition and Request for Disclosure in McMahan as Conservator of Larry Hancock et al vs John Petry, Robert Werner et al

March 4, 2021: Original Petition in McMahan as Conservator et al vs. Petry, Werner et al showing just how serious and well documented (so far) the allegations against Bob Werner and his other former partners at Langley Banack are.

This is a serious lawsuit that could cause the citizens of San Antonio, specifically Shavano Park, to realize the unchecked power the Werner family has been able to wield over Bexar County and beyond, when they use probate law to their advantage, whether or not their actions help anyone else, such as the vulnerable person.

Because after all, if Mary Werner and her neighbor Judge Oscar Kazen were interested in Charlie’s financial well-being, why have Charlie’s expenses shot from $10,000/month, when Charlie & his common-law wife Laura Martinez controlled Charlie’s money (prior to March 6, 2019 when Mary Werner seized Charlie from his Shavano Park home, separating Charlie from Laura and her care & love), to nearly $37,000/month, now that Charlie has to pay for a rental home and 24/7 home help care that Laura & her family lovingly provided for free. It would appear Mary Werner directed Charlie’s Shavano Park be home sold off, with the proceeds going to pay Mary Werner’s fees, among other documented expenses.

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