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July 19, 2018: A letter to then-Judge Rickhoff, explaining Tonya Barina’s motives in putting her wealthy grand-uncle Charlie, whom she’d never met, under guardianship

July 19, 2018: Letter from Attorney Ad-Litem Ben Wallis III to Court, Re: Payment of CKL

Note that the entire reason guardianship proceedings were started against Charlie Thrash, from his ‘collateral’ family members lead by Tonya Barina, is so they could demand 50% of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 “to which they were never entitled.”

This was known as early as July 19, 2018 — and here it is, nearly 3 years later, and Bexar County Probate Court No 1 has delivered Charlie straight into the hands of the people who care the least for him, just enough to keep him alive, so they can keep their Court-ordered gravy train rolling, enriching themselves.

The list of people responsible for the guardianization of Charlie Thrash and the removal of him from his home in Shavano Park, isolating him for nearly 600 days from his common-law wife Laura Martinez-Thrash, while relieving Charlie of approximately $3,000,000 in assets are:

  1. Former Judge Tom Rickhoff
  2. Current Judge Oscar Kazen, residing at 106 Fawn Dr, Shavano Park, TX 78231;
  3. Court-appointed Guardian Mary Werner, residing at 310 Fawn Dr Shavano Park, TX 78231;
  4. Current Judge Sidney Harle, residing at 423 Cliffside Dr, Shavano Park, TX 78231 (this address is 2 blocks away from Judge Kazen and Guardian Mary Werner & her husband, Mayor of Shavano Park and Mary’s attorney in Charlie’s guardianship, Robert B Werner.)
  5. Robert “Bob” Werner, acting in his capacity as attorney for his wife, Mary Werner, and as a political supporter and backer of his neighbor, and one of his wife’s primary employers, as well as their neighbor, Oscar Kazen.
  6. Laura Cavaretta, partner at, representing the court-appointed Guardian of Charlie’s estate (money).
  7. Les Katona Jr, partner at, representing the court-appointed Guardian of Charlie’s estate (money).
  8. Bill Leighner, partner at, representing the court-appointed Guardian of Charlie’s estate (money).
  9. Karen Andersen, as lawyer, who as of 1/1/2020 now works at, but Karen Andersen was actually the first lawyer to represent the court-appointed Guardian of Charlie’s estate (money), Tonya Barina.
  10. Barrett Shipp, of Shipp, Ecke PLLC, the original attorney representing the court-appointed Guardian of Charlie Thrash (person), Mayor’s wife, Mary Werner.
  11. The undisclosed members of Mayor Bob Werner’s private, non-profit corporation, “Going Green in Shavano Park,” who surely did not like and did not want a man having 10 gas-combustion vehicles, all of which which vintage and/or high performance vehicles, utterly failing to meet any of the environmental standards this private group selected for all of Shavano Park by working so hard with Mayor Werner to achieve the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Community Habitat designation on March 3, 2019just three days before the Mayor’s wife, acting under orders from Shavano Park resident Oscar Kazen, removed Charlie from his own home on March 6, 2019.
  12. Tonya Barina, the grand-niece who’d never before met her wealth uncle, Charlie Thrash, until she decided to guardianize him, doubtless because Tonay was told by the attorneys who get to collect 95% of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 of worth, that Tonya Barina would get a whole, whopping 5%.  Shows you right there how much Tonya Barina cares about Charlie Thrash, that she’d let some lawyers make off with $2,850,000, and let her only have $150,000 maximum, that it was worth $150,000 to Tonya Barina to shove her uncle Charlie Thrash under the guardianship bus.

This is what first former judge, Tom Rickhoff – referring to Tonya Barina as ‘family’ and stating how much better it was that Charlie be with ‘family’ rather than with the people Charlie wanted to be with — and now current judge, Oscar Kazen, are so happy to issue court orders to continue. Abusing their authority to issue Judicial Orders that keep Charlie away from his chosen family, and give Charlie to …. the wife of his Shavano Park Mayor and neighbor, Mary Werner, Charlie’s “New Boss” according to Mary Werner herself, in the Netflix documentary.

Because doesn’t every 80 year old man want some loud, brash, pushy wife of the Mayor of their community, who’s 10 years older than the 80 year old man’s wife, to come into their home, announce that the Mayor’s wife is going to take him out to buy new clothes, take him to eat, and be his “New Boss.”

Yes, that is doubtless the first thing on every 80 year old man’s bucket list!  No doubt about it.

This is a clip from Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney’s series, Dirty Money, produced for Netflix. In the episode Guardianship, Inc., the cases of Charlie Thrash, of San Antonio, Texas, and John Savanovich, of Needham, Massachusetts are detailed.  You can watch the entire 1 hour episode of  Guardianship, Inc., with a Netflix subscription, here.

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