Laura's exoneration

July 12, 2018: July 12, 2018: Charlie Thrash’s Attorney Ad Litem states there was ZERO evidence to support allegations against Laura Martinez-Thrash

July 12, 2018: The court-appointed Attorney Ad  Litem for Charlie Thrash’s guardianship, Ben Wallis III, stated unequivocally:

“… I would like to point out to the Court that the allegations brough by Frost or the report made by Frost to APS, APS made no findings against Ms. Martinez. The temporary guardian I think went back five years through financial records and found nothing that he considered out of the ordinary. So I think it’s a mischaracterization to say that there was some grand finding at a temporary guardianship hearing.”

Judicial Bias shown:

After listening to his own appointee, attorney Ben Wallis III, tell him that Laura Martinez has not been found to have been taking advantage of Charlie, Judge Rickhoff is not dissuaded, turns to Bill Leighner, the attorney representing Charlie’s estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina, who’s only after Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 in assets, and requests that the hearsay ‘evidence’ that purports to show Laura has (financially) abused Charlie, be admitted into court, an abuse of Judge Rickhoff’s discretionary authority, and an obvious indication of his prejudice and Rickhoff’s own desire that Charlie be put under guardianship, so that Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 in assets could go under his court’s control, and be used to pay the attorneys at Cavaretta, Katona, and Leighner, favorites of Judge Rickhoff who don’t ever seem to lose in his court.

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