Laura's exoneration

Jan 29, 2019: Laura’s attorney tells Judge Oscar Kazen there were no proven allegations against Laura Martinez

January 29, 2019: A new hearing, and a new judge, and yet another attempt to inform the judge that all allegations brought against Laura Martinez have been baseless, and were found by APS to be without merit.

But just like Judge Rickhoff before him, Judge Kazen shows his bias in insisting Laura must have done something wrong, if she ended up in his courtroom, with a guardianship case in front of him.

Once again, Judge Kazen listens to Bill Leighner, one of the four attorneys for the estranged family member, Tonya Barina, who’s in the guardianship to grab as much of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000, as the courts will allow, and not to the facts and evidence.

Judicial Bias

Again, a clear judicial bias is shown, as Judge Oscar Kazen returns again, and again, to the fact there were allegations, and ultimately cutting off Laura’s attorney, Buddy Barretto, and denying him the right to present his evidence of Laura’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Judge Kazen welcomes the hearsay ‘evidence’ presented by Bill Leighner for Charlie’s estranged grand-niece, Tonya Barina.

Ultimately, Judge Kazen’s judicial bias towards a guardianship for Charlie Thrash, no matter what the (lack of) evidence showed, is demonstrated by the Order Judge Kazen issued at the end of this hearing, in stripping the guardianship away from Laura Martinez, Charlie’s wife, and awarding Charlie’s guardianship to his 3-block away neighbor, his political ally, and wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park, professional guardian Mary Werner.

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