Court action

Jan 29, 2019: Judge Kazen denies Charlie Thrash AND wife Laura Martinez-Thrash their right to legal counsel

January 29, 2019: In his first hearing as presiding judge over Cause No 2017-PC-2912, Guardianship of Charles Inness Thrash, an Adult, Judge Oscar Kazen violates the Texas Estates Code in refusing to allow Charlie Thrash his right to have legal counsel of his choice at a guardianship hearing, while also denying Charlie his legal rights to have Judge Kazen appoint both a guardian ad litem and attorney ad litem.

Judge Kazen appointed neither guardian ad litem and attorney ad litem, nor did Judge Kazen provide Notice or hold an Evidentiary Hearing, before deciding to remove Charlie’s wife, Laura Martinez-Thrash, as Charlie’s guardian, replacing Laura with Judge Kazen’s neighbor, political supporter, and frequent contracted court guardian, the Mayor of Shavano Park’s wife, Mary Werner.

It’s a heck of a racket when you get your neighbor to reward your political campaign donations with $2,000/month paychecks for only seeing Charlie once a year, to file a two-sentence report.

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