Court action

Jan 29, 2019: Attorney Buddy Barretto repeatedly informs Judge Kazen there were no proven incidents of abuse of Charlie by Laura, but Judge Kazen rejects all evidence of Laura’s innocence

January 29, 2019:  In newly-elected Judge Oscar Kazen’s first hearing in Charlie Thrash’s guardianship case, Kazen conducts a series of prejudicial questions about previous judge, Tom Rickhoff’s Order to place Charlie under guardianship, based on mere allegations against Charlie’s common-law wife Laura Martinez-Thrash, by Thrash family members who stood to gain financially, if Charlie were put under a guardianship controlled by estranged Thrash family-member Tonya Barina.

Note that attorney Buddy Barretto repeatedly attempts to inform Judge Kazen that there WERE NO PROVEN instances of financial abuse of Charlie by Laura – NONE. ZERO. But Kazen repeatedly & prejudicially insists that if the previous Judge (Tom Rickhoff) found a reason to put Charlie under guardianship, then he, Oscar Kazen, the successor judge in the case, couldn’t possibly be in any position to ‘second guess’ another judge’s previous orders.

Oscar Kazen feels zero moral compunction or legal need to review anything about a previous judge’s decision to remove 100% of a person’s Civil, Constitutional, and Human Rights, removing their common-law spouse as their guardian, and putting the Ward under control of Kazen’s financial & political backer, the Mayor’s wife, Mary Werner.

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