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Jan 16, 2019: Bad faith letter from Karen Andersen, lawyer for Tonya Barina, stating she wants Charlie to “continue to do all the things he enjoys,” 13 days before stripping guardianship from Laura

January 16, 2019: Just 13 days before Karen Andersen oversees stripping Laura Martinez’ of her guardianship of Laura’s common-law husband, Charlie Thrash, writes, in what we believe is Bad Faith, that she will provide $10K/month in allowance to Laura, to care for Charlie.

We do not believe Karen Andersen ever for one minute was going to give Laura $10,000/month allowance. We believe this because neither Tonya Barina, the legal guardian of Charlie’s money, or one of her four lawyers, Karen Andersen, Laura Cavaretta, Les Katona Jr, or Bill Leighner ever sent Laura Martinez any funds to care for Charlie Thrash.

Instead, 13 days after writing this letter, promising that the attorneys and Tonya Barina “want [Charlie] to continue to do all the things he enjoys,” Andersen leads the legal charge and with NO EVIDENCE and NO COURT PRECEDENCE stripped Laura Martinez of her guardianship and removed Laura from having a legal role in the case, to which Laura was entitled, due to Texas Estates Code 1055.003(d) and 1051.104(a)(5) – both of which Karen Andersen’s co-counsels, Laura Cavaretta and Bill Leighner, lie-by-omission about in the public, open, court record.

Andersen is creating the legal set-up to strip Laura of her guardianship and keep $10,000/month for herself and Andersen’s fellow lawyers at, of which Karen Andersen is now a part of (as of Jan 2020.)

Karen Anderson is the lawyer who started Charlie’s guardianship off, representing Charlie’s estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina, who had never met her wealthy uncle Charlie, until the day – Nov 15, 2018 – Barina was awarded control of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000 in assets by then-Judge Tom Rickhoff.

Keep in mind, Shavano Park is a teeny community of under 4,000 people, and Mary Werner and her husband the Mayor, live 3 blocks from Oscar Kazen, the Bexar County Probate Judge responsible for approximately (as best as we can estimate) 50-75% of Mary Werner’s employment income.

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