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Halloween True-Fright Edition: May 23, 2019 Costs & Attorneys’ Fees Incurred by Guardians, approved by Judge Oscar Kazen

April 9, 2019: Judge Oscar Kazen accepted misstatements and incomplete recitations of Texas Estates Code, omitting Sec 1055.003(d) and Sec 1051.104(a)(5), to rule against Laura Martinez-Thrash, Brittany Martinez-Thrash and Phil Ross.

But Judge Oscar Kazen went much further to show his complete contempt for the laws he is charged with upholding, and Judge Kazen has overruled administrative Judge and Shavano Park neighbor Sidney Harle*, has charged Laura, Brittany, and Phil with the exhorbitant legal fees the lawyers for Charlie Thrash’s guardians have charged, in the lawyers’ insistence that Charlie be kept isolated from his chosen family, for over 600 days, since March 6, 2019.

So long as Charlie Thrash is under a corporate guardianship, who at this point is Mary Werner, Judge Oscar Kazen’s 3-block away neighbor and wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park, and Charlie is not receiving the loving care of his wife & family, Charlie’s money can be used to pay the multiple attorneys that insist Charlie is incompetent and isn’t generating enough income to pay his bills

Let the injustice of Charlie Thrash’s legal Catch-22 that Judge Oscar Kazen has imposed on Charlie, Laura, their three children, and their attorney Phil Ross, sink in.

– – –

* Although we’re not attorneys, we’re pretty sure a lower court judge, such as Oscar Kazen, cannot contradict a higher court judge, such as an Administrative Judge appointed by Texas Chief Statutory Probate Judge in Austin, Guy Herman, but that appears to be what Oscar Kazen has done.

All of which makes us wonder: Why hasn’t Sidney Harle, or Guy Herman, made a point of bringing their lower court judge (and in the case of Sid Harle, his 2 block away neighbor) Oscar Kazen, to heel? Do they always let lower court judges overrule them? Isn’t that a violation of law, as well as basic insubordination?  Why hasn’t Oscar Kazen been punished for exceeding his authority?

We assume Oscar Kazen’s superior judges, Shavano Park resident Sidney Harle, as well as Texas Chief Statutory Probate Judge Guy Herman, approve of this improper (at best) and illegal and criminal conspiracy (at worst) against the Estate of Charlie Thrash.

What other reason could Texas Chief Statutory Probate Judge Guy Herman, and his Administrative Judge and Shavano Park Resident Sidney Harle, have in letting their lower court judge get away with potentially criminal and illegal behavior?

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