Charlie Thrash's letters to Judge Oscar Kazen

February 12, 2019: Charlie’s letter to Shavano Park neighbor & judge, Oscar Kazen

February 12, 2019 – Charlie Thrash’s letter to Oscar Kazen, where Charlie reports that the court-appointed guardian of his money, estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina, is failing to pay his bills, and is refusing to fund Charlie’s basic living necessities, which is a dereliction of duty, if not financial malfeasance, and is not permitted by the Texas Estates Code.

Does this read like a letter written by a man who’s *so* mentally-incapacitated that there is absolutely no other recourse but to put him under 100% control of the Mayor’s wife, both of whom contributed to the judge’s election to his position of authority he now uses to isolate and effectively incarcerate Charlie Thrash, while allowing 95% of Charlie’s funds to be used to pay the attorneys who argue to keep Charlie in a guardianship?

Does this sound like any way to run the elder “mental health” docket of a major metropolitan Probate Court?

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