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Dec 8, 2020: Write a letter in support of Charlie’s visiting with his wife Laura

December 8, 2020: Here are our two suggested letter writing templates, one letter to Judge Oscar Kazen, the other to professional guardian Mary Werner.

Feel free to add your message and please keep all comments free from profanity or threats, while only mentioning Charlie’s case. We must be polite, respectful & follow nonviolent civil disobedience pioneered by great masters of social change like Martin Luther King Jr.

Print each one-page letter, fill in the date, sign, and print your name & address. Make sure to put sufficient postage to mail to the address listed for the recipient.

If you feel like it, you can also print out this one page letter (on the back of your letters to Kazen & Werner) from July 19, 2018, because this letter will show that you know why Charlie’s guardianship was put in place.

Once the allegations of financial exploitation of Charlie by Laura brought by Frost Bank were shown to be false and without merit, and the first judge in the case, Tom Rickhoff, had ruled in July 2018 a guardianship was not necessary, Laura resumed caring for Charlie, continuing to use the Power of Attorney Charlie had elected of his own volition in 2016 to grant to Laura. All was good.

Except for one thing. 

Cavaretta, Katona and Leighner Lawyers (CKL-Lawyers) were demanding to be paid by Charlie for their having brought these false allegations against Laura, which Charlie refused to do, as you can see when you read this letter:

Only by putting Charlie Thrash under guardianship could the attorneys gain access to Charlie’s funds to be paid for their work, because it was obvious to them that their client, Tonya Barina, didn’t have the proverbial pot to piss in, until Tonya stole it from her wealthy grand-uncle Charlie Thrash, whom she’d never even met until the day Bexar County Probate Court awarded Charlie’s estimated $3 Million in assets to Tonya, for Tonya’s and CKL-Lawyers’ safekeeping.

Which explains why, on Nov 15, 2018, just weeks before retiring from decade-plus service as Bexar County Probate Judge Tom Rickhoff ordered Charlie Thrash into guardianship, despite all evidence pointing to Charlie’s capacity and Charlie’s lack of need of a full-time guardianship, since the Power of Attorney executed by Charlie in 2016 and held by his wife Laura was working well.  Judge Rickhoff had to put Charlie’s estate under guardianship of Tonya Barina, so Tonya’s lawyers at CKL-Lawyers would get paid.

But that wasn’t good enough for the new incoming judge, Oscar Kazen, newly elected and sworn to bring respect and give his political benefactor, the Werners, more guardianship jobs.  Which Judge Kazen proceeded to do, as soon as Jan 29, 2019, when he improperly and against the Texas Estates Code removed Laura as Charlie’s Guardian of the Person, and gave it to his neighbor, the Mayor’s wife, and his two-block away neighbor, Mary Werner.

For a more detailed analysis of how this July 19, 2018 letter from court-appointed attorney ad litem Ben Wallis III undermines any case for putting Charlie in a guardianship, other than so the lawyers and Charlie’s estranged family members can divvy up Charlie’s assets amongst themselves, see this post.

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