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Dec 17, 2020: Tonya Barina, Guardian of Charlie’s money, objects to Charlie visiting with common-law wife Laura -for first time in 650+ days

December 17, 2020: Guardian of Charlie’s money, estranged grand-niece Tonya Barina, objects to Charlie being allowed to see his common law wife – while at the same time Barina shows herself to be tool of her CKL-Lawyers who will gain 80% of Charlie Thrash’s estimated $3 Million estate, while Tonya only gets about $150,000.

Meanwhile, the person who has the right and the ability to make this decision — the Guardian of Charlie’s person — Mary Werner, wife of probate attorney and Shavano Park Mayor (where everybody still lives, except Charlie, Laura, and their kids, evicted by Mary Werner) — Mary Werner remains silent. And issues no opinion because that will cost Mary Werner money out of her share of her profits off Charlie Thrash’s estate. 

If Mary Werner actually makes any legal motions during this case it will cost Mary money, paid out of Mary’s corporation she uses to shield her personal wealth from scrutiny or collection through adverse legal actions.  Why would Mary go to the problem of having her attorney issue any response — which will cost Mary money and therefore make Charlie’s guardianship less profitable to Mary* than it already is — when the Texas Estates Code allows the attorneys arguing for the continuation of Charlie Thrash’s guardianship can make Charlie foot the bill for his continued incarceration, not the jailers, er – we mean the people responsible — like Mary Werner? And Judge Kazen?

For the record, Mary, through her counsel Barrett Shipp, has files zero legal motions since being appointed on Jan 29, 2019.

* Texas Estate’s Code the the Ward’s Bill of Rights, clearly calls for the Guardian of the Person to advocate for the Ward’s ability to maintain a livelihood at the highest levels of independence, but Mary Werner is on the record as saying she “doesn’t believe in the Texas Ward’s Bill of Rights” and has said she will not honor its provisions in her guardianship.  All of which is legal and acceptable — so long as the Judge agrees.  And obviously enough, Judge Oscar Kazen, recipient of political fundraisers and favors from both probate attorney and tax accountant, Mayor Bob Werner, and his wife, professional guardian, Mary Werner.

After all, how could you expect Judge Kazen to bite the hand that established him in his probate court judgeship from which he now controls Millions of dollars that are completely unaccounted for, through his probate cases? (We’ll add, this is hardly unique to Probate Judge Kazen; probate judges in all 50 states have for 165+ years insulated themselves from any scrutiny as to accounting for the money they ensnare in their guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.)

FYI: This is the same thing going on in Britney Spears’ conservatorship case in California: the team of lawyers arguing for Jamie Spears’ continued right to be Britney’s conservator, are being paid from the money generated by Britney’s prodigious earnings and royalty income from her record sales, and recording rights.

If there’s money, there’s a guardianship — Unless and until the people DEMAND that the corruption stop, by demanding law enforcement move against these crimes of racketeering by probate court judges, their appointed guardians, and all ancillary involved people. #FreeBritney! #FreeCharlieThrash!

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In this video, produced by Academy award-winning documentarian Alex Gibney as part of his Dirty Money series, airing on Netflix, Mary Werner has no problem, telling telling Laura (who’s filming and Charlie) that she has the authority over Charlie:

This is a clip from Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney’s series, Dirty Money, produced for Netflix. In the episode Guardianship, Inc., the cases of Charlie Thrash, of San Antonio, Texas, and John Savanovich, of Needham, Massachusetts are detailed.  You can watch the entire 1 hour episode of  Guardianship, Inc., with a Netflix subscription, here.

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