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Christmas 2020: more court-ordered isolation for Charlie Thrash, separated from his common-law wife for 2nd Christmas

December 27, 2020:  We have No Good News to report this Christmas, because Judge Oscar Kazen and his appointed guardian of Charlie Thrash, Mary Werner, who is:

  1. Judge Kazen’s neighbor who lives 2 blocks away,
  2. Political campaigner & fundraiser for Judge Kazen in his 2018 election,
  3. Wife of the Mayor of the teeny community, Shavano Park, TX, where everybody lives, and
  4. Judge Kazen’s frequently-appointed guardian (meaning Judge Kazen can provide Mary Werner with a substantial percentage of her monthly & annual income, if Judge Kazen so chooses.)

continue to abuse their authority and have not even had the human decency to respond to Laura Martinez-Thrash’s request to see her common-law husband for the first time in 662 days and counting.

Neither the Judge, nor Mary Werner — the person Judge Oscar Kazen has assigned Charlie to — bothered to respond to a properly-filed legal request sent to them on Dec 7, 2020, requesting visitation for Christmas.

We understand that Judge Kazen or Guardian Mary Werner are in no way obligated to grant the request to allow an 83 year old man to see his common-law wife for Christmas, but to simply NOT RESPOND IN ANY MANNER TO A PROPERLY FILED LEGAL MOTION IS ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, especially when it concerns the visitation of a husband with his wife, even common-law spouses. 

But there is nothing but abject abuse of authority in Bexar County Probate Court No 1, as it is being currently run by Oscar Kazen, residing at 106 Fawn Dr, Shavano Park, TX 78231, when Mayor Werner and his wife Mary, residing at 310 Fawn Dr, Shavano Park, TX 78231 are in control of a Bexar County Probate Judge they corruptly helped get elected so Mary Werner could earn more money as a guardian, and Mayor Bob Werner, who is Mary’s husband, Mayor, AND Probate lawyer, could control the environmentally-friendly nature of Shavano Park, evicting Charlie, his Mexican common-law wife, and his 10+ hot rods, through Mayor Werner’s wife’s and neighbor-judge’s official oppression.

You know, if Judge Oscar Kazen was a County Commissioner and Mary Werner ran an industrial contracting company that installed sewer lines for the City of San Antonio (or even teeny Shavano Park)….

IF Mary Werner, running a hypothetical contracting company installing sewer lines in a district, helped elect the very County-level elected position who awarded her a contract to install sewer lines, NO ONE would have a problem seeing the CORRUPTION that was involved by Mary — with Mary’s lawyer/husband/Mayor helping — get Oscar Kazen elected. Once elected, Oscar Kazen returns the solid the Werners did for him, during his election, by rewarding Mary Werner with more wards, which represent money and income to the Werners.

So why can’t anyone in any official capacity see the same CORRUPTION involved the Werners helping to get Judge Kazen elected, then Judge Kazen turning around and installing Mary Werner as Charlie Thrash’s guardian?  And Charlie Thrash is just one Ward — Mary Werner’s got approximately 38 wards — that’s big time money — all of it only possible due to Bexar County’s two probate judges — Probate judges are the only people who can give Mary Werner, a professional guardian, work & income.  No one else has any power to create guardianships — only probate judges.

It’s the same CORRUPTION: a person who seeks money & contracts from an elected official, helps the elected official obtain office, and then receives potentially Millions of Dollars in Contracts from the elected official they help put in office. CORRUPTION, plain and simple. 

Only this type of corruption involves Judge Oscar Kazen improperly and against the Texas Estates Code stripping Laura from Charlie’s guardianship, without cause, without a hearing, in violation of ALL of Charlie’s and Laura’s rights to Due Process and denying Charlie and Laura the right to see each other.

Physical isolation of an elderly person is devastating to the elderly, and some laws have attempted to address isolation of Wards, notably Kasem Cares organization, who came to Texas and lobbied in 2015 to pass a law that theoretically makes isolating a ward not possible. Texas State Senator Judith Zaffirini, who represents parts of Bexar County at the Texas Senate, passed several laws that prohibit a Ward from being isolated.  Unfortunately, it’s a completely toothless law, because everything is “at the court’s discretion.” 

That means the court’s don’t have to give a reason; judges simply rule over their abject serf/subjects who have no legal rights whatsoever, once they enter Oscar Kazen’s probate court.  Because Judge Oscar Kazen doesn’t follow the law.  And that’s been documented  by Laura’s attorney Phil Ross, and it’s all been struck from the official court record.


Why doesn’t Mary Werner’s lawyer respond to a request of the Guardian of the Person?

As to why Mary Werner can’t be bothered to have her attorney, Barrett Shipp, write a motion to object to 83 year old Charlie seeing his common-law wife, it’s because any money paying Barrett Shipp to deal with the guardianship, costs Mary Werner money, personally, as an operating expense, running a guardianship business. Why should Mary have to pay her money to write a response, when she can allow the lawyers at, representing court patsy Tonya Barina, to drain Charlie Thrash’s estate of money, and write a response instead?

Mary Werner is so cheap, and so not wanting to suffer a single expense associated with her guardianship of Charlie Thrash, she denies her own lawyer, Barrett Shipp, the ability to even bill for the annual report, in which a guardian, by law, has to visit the ward once a year, and report to the court once a year, on the Ward’s condition.  We know Mary Werner is this cheap, and resents spending a dime on lawyers to defend or represent her, because she’s started using her husband, the Mayor of Shavano Park, and a probate attorney, as well as a political contributor & fundraiser for Judge Oscar Kazen, to file her annual report.  Mary Werner was awarded Charlie Thrash in guardianship on January 29, 2019 and the first “annual” report she bothered to file with the court, was recorded Oct 10, 2020.

I mean, what’s a guardian to do? Pay for her own lawyers?? Heck no, that’s what Wards are for: to pay for the lawyers.  In fact, that’s the only reason the guardianship of Charlie Thrash exists at all: to pay for the lawyers.


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