Charlie Thrash's family hasn't seen him
since March 6, 2019.

That's when Judge Oscar Kazen ordered Charlie isolated.

Charlie Thrash hasn't been seen in 880 days.

Charlie Thrash was a happy, wealthy, 78 year-old, living the good life in San Antonio, Texas, with his common-law wife of six years, Laura Thrash, and Laura's three adult children.

After a life of astute business practices and investments, Charlie owned two airplanes, a hangar at Boerne, TX airport, a condominium, multiple commercial properties used in his automotive businesses, and at least 10 collectible/vintage hot-rods, including a Shelby Mustang and 2 vintage motorcycles. Charlie had cash assets to match, as well as monthly income to support his lifestyle.

Then, in 2016, Charlie Thrash made, what some in Shavano Park, Texas, a community of 4,000 residents that is surrounded by the City of San Antonio, decided was a ‘mistake.’ Charlie Thrash made the ‘mistake’ of thinking he could own a home in Shavano Park, and that he would be welcome there.

Shavano Park’s average educational level among adults is post-graduate, but Charlie Thrash only had a high school diploma. And Charlie had more money, many more automobiles, and a younger common-law wife than is common for Shavano Park, and that didn’t sit well, evidently, with the Mayor of Shavano Park, taxation and probate attorney Robert B Werner and his wife, a professional guardian, Mary Werner, both residing at 310 Fawn Dr, Shavano Park, TX 78231.

Mayor Werner and Mary had been prominent political and financial supporters of their down-the-street neighbor, Bexar County Probate Judge Oscar Kazen, residing at 106 Fawn Dr, Shavano Park, TX 78231. After Mayor Werner & Mary threw at least one public party supporting the candidacy of their neighbor Oscar Kazen on Sept 8, 2018, to be the next Probate Judge of Bexar County, within one month of Oscar Kazen being installed as Judge, on Jan 29, 2019 Mary Werner was awarded the guardianship of Charlie Thrash — by her neighbor, and one of two possible Bexar County judges capable of giving Mary professional guardianship employment — Probate Judge Oscar Kazen.

During the Jan 29, 2019 hearing, Judge Oscar Kazen, presiding for the 1st time over Charlie’s guardianship case, allowed no evidence of any type to be presented, denied Charlie the right to hire an attorney, denied Charlie the right to be represented by a lawyer appointed by Judge Kazen, and improperly ordered Charlie’s common-law wife Laura Martinez-Thrash, to be removed as his guardian, replacing Laura with the wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park.

Effectively, Judge Kazen handed the Mayor’s wife at *least* a $2,000/month increase in income, and further cost Charlie $17,000-$19,000/month in residential boarding fees since Mary Werner removed Charlie from his paid-for home and directed court-appointed Guardian of Charlie’s money, Tonya Barina, to sell Charlie’s residence, in order to have funds to pay for Charlie’s new expenses: Mary Werner’s guardianship ‘care’ and rental fees at a “rental” where Charlie has been warehoused, with 24/7 monitors to make sure Charlie doesn’t see anyone Mary Werner hasn’t personally approved.

Charlie is warehoused in an unknown location, presumably under full-lockdown since March 2020, as the pandemic necessitated imprisoning all nursing home residents and forbidding them any visitors, or for them to leave.  The pandemic gives cover to Mary Werner’s actions, as Mary Werner, acting under the authority her neighbor, political candidate, and Judge Kazen allows Mary Werner to:

  1. Refuse to allow Charlie to mention Laura by name,
  2. Refuse all visitors who would discuss or mention Laura to Charlie,
  3. Instruct visitors to NOT mention Laura or her family, otherwise Mary Werner will disallow them from seeing Charlie again.

Judge Kazen fully supports these inhumane restrictions that are not sanctioned by Texas Estates Code Section 1151.351 The Wards Bill of Rights, yet there is no mechanism to hold Judge Kazen responsible for his judicial decisions, and make the judge obey the Texas Estates Code statutes. This is why we have started this petition — to shame Judge Kazen into following the law, by pointing out Judge Kazen and his appointee, Mary Werner, brazen disrespect for the law, and flagrant violations of the Texas Estates Code – so flagrant you don’t have to be an attorney to spot them.

Only those estranged family members who were not part of Charlie’s life prior to his guardianship by Mayor’s wife Mary Werner, who expressed hatred or worse for Laura Martinez, are allowed to visit Charlie. It is unknown what Charlie himself would like, since March 6, 2019 Mary Werner has not allowed anyone to visit Charlie who does not  approve of Mary Werner’s guardianship of Charlie.

Judge Oscar Kazen committed these violations of both law and in spite of a January 16, 2019 letter written by Charlie’s personal physician, Dr. Manuel Naron, who certified that Charlie was mentally competent and capable of making his own financial and health decisions.

On March 3, 2019, the City of Shavano Park was recognized as a Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, a privately-run organization that has influence in property tax-assessed values. Mayor of Shavano Park & husband of Charlie’s guardian, Mary Werner, received this award on behalf of the City.

On the same day, March 3, 2019, Charlie was taken from his house by Mary Werner and kept away from Shavano Park for over 10 hours. During this lengthy & unannounced trip to ostensibly go to the races, Mary Werner failed to monitor Charlie’s blood sugar level, allowed Charlie to drink alcohol (Charlie’s diabetic and was 81 years old at the time), failed to see that Charlie had adequate access to toilet facilities, and brought Charlie home drunk, having urinated all over himself. This is how “professional” guardian #G-0853 Mary Werner treats her wards and Laura Martinez-Thrash documented this deplorable, abusive and cruel treatment of Charlie at the hands of Judge Oscar Kazen and his chosen guardian-neighbor-political backer, Mary Werner in this YouTube video.

Charlie was removed from his home on March 6, 2019, and hasn’t been seen — upon Orders of Judge Oscar Kazen — his common-law wife Laura Martinez-Thrash, nor his adopted adult children, Brittany, Joe, or Michelle, since that date. On Charlie’s 82nd birthday – November 25, 2020, it will 631 days since Charlie Thrash has been seen by his wife and family. You can watch a brief Introduction to the Guardianship of Charlie Thrash on YouTube.

Also lost, along with Charlie’s liberties, is an estimated $3.4 Million in Charlie’s liquidated assets, with the resulting cash put at the disposal of the attorneys, arguing on behalf of the wife of the Mayor of Shavano Park, and Charlie Thrash’s professional guardian, Mary Werner, and the Guardian of Charlie Thrash’s Estate (money) to continue to hold Charlie incommunicado in a guardianship against his wishes. The lawyers are able to do this by misquoting the law, and none of the Judges reviewing this case, care to rebuke the attorneys who have misused the law.

List of Charlie’s property sold off to create cash to pay the attorneys arguing to keep Charlie in guardianship?

  1. Charlie’s 310 Harvard Oak home
  2. his condominium
  3. his hangar at Boerne Airport
  4. his airplanes
  5. his prized Corvette, trucks, cars
  6. his prized Harley motorcycles
  7. his prized Triumph motorcycles
  8. his gun collection
  9. his personal jewelry – Rolex watch, 14K gold Cadillac signet ring, 14K gold class ring
  10. his safe deposit box at Frost Bank, believed to have contained $100,000+/- cash, jewelry, coins & other valuables – all seized by Tonya Barina, who has not provided any inventory
  11. his businesses on West Ave, including all equipment, tools, and inventory
  12. his livelihood and a means of earning money

You can help free Charlie Thrash from his guardianship — Sign our petition & share it widely.

If you live in the US, become knowledgeable about guardianship and it’s potential for abuse in your community. Protect yourself and your loved ones, because we could all be Charlie Thrash.

The Netflix documentary series episode “Guardianship, Inc.” in the 2nd season of Dirty Money, produced by Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney, is a good place to get acquainted with how abusive guardianships destroy lives in every manner possible: physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally – in every way possible, the Ward is systematically dismembered, and rendered into a piece of property, owned by the courts.

Think it can’t happen in America? Think again.

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