The Judge said WHAT?!

April 9, 2019: Judge Oscar Kazen demands to know the relationship between…

April 9, 2019: Attorney Phil Ross explains to Judge Oscar Kazen that he, Phil, is not married to Charlie Thrash.

However, whether or not Oscar Kazen accepts the fact of the common-law marriage between Charlie & Laura, Laura’s right to be included in all of Charlie’s guardianship proceedings, as well as Laura’s right to priority to be guardian over the court-selected estranged grand-niece, Tonya Barina, who’d never met her wealthy uncle until the day the court put Barina in charge of Charlie’s estimated $3,000,000, is because Laura held a Power of Attorney, signed by Charlie.

It is Charlie’s Power Of Attorney that gives Laura her legal authority to be included and considered in all of Charlie guardianship proceedings, and is the reason why Laura cannot be summarily removed from Charlie’s guardianship proceedings – if one bothers to follow the law.

Evidently, Judge Oscar Kazen doesn’t bother to follow the law in his courtroom, as evidenced by his decision to strike all mention of Laura from the proceedings, and Oscar Kazen’s not-law-based, continued decision to allow his neighbor, political contributor & financial backer AND the wife of the Mayor of teeny Shavano Park where they all – Oscar, Mary, the Mayor and Charlie — live, to continue to be Charlie’s guardian.

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