Lawyers lie, media repeats

April 12, 2019: San Antonio Express-News publishes false information about Charlie Thrash’s guardianship case

On April 12, 2019, the San Antonio Express-News published false and inaccurate information about Charlie Thrash’s case, that deeply prejudiced their readers against Charlie’s freedom and Charlie’s civil, constitutional, and human rights- all of which have been violated during his guardianship trial, first in Judge Tom Rickhoff’s court, and now in Judge Oscar Kazen’s court.

John MacCormack, apparently the only Express-News writer assigned to cover Bexar County Probate Court, repeated and reported as fact, the lies that lawyers for Tanya Barina, Charlie’s estranged grand-niece who was awarded $3 Million of Charlie’s assets through guardianship, have told the judges and the public.

Journalistic Bias

John MacCormack showed his and Hearst newspapers’ bias and favoritism in his failure to report that what attorney Laura Cavaretta, representing Tonya Barina, said were her remarks at trial, NOT factual statements.

MacCormack journalistically repeats the same unethical behavior of the attorneys for Tonya Barina: MacCormack brings up the original allegations, brought by Adult Protective Services (APS) as if they had been provenAPS’ original report was disproved, there were NO finding of fact that indicated Laura was isolating or exploiting Charlie, and that has been stated 1) time 2) and 3) again in the court record.

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