Charlie Thrash and friends

We are friends and Charlie’s chosen family, that Charlie was separated from on March 6, 2019, by Court Order of Probate Court No. 1, Bexar County, Texas, Current Judge: Oscar Kazen; Previous Judge: Tom Rickhoff.

Charlie has not been allowed to communicate with his common-law wife, Laura Martinez, or her children, or any of the people who were part of his everyday life, before March 6, 2019, when a Bexar County (San Antonio) probate court’s judge issued Orders to seize Charlie, permanently severing all of Charlie’s long-standing relationships, including his business, his home, and his chosen spouse and family, and denied all his civil, constitutional, and human rights.

We are determined to expose the corruption of the guardianship process, as it was and is practiced in Bexar County Court No. 1, under first, Judge Tom Rickhoff, currentlyJudge Oscar Kazen. When you know the facts of this case, you, too, will be outraged.